Tri-Korean Empires


Tri-Korean Empires

Dev : Guarneri Studio
Platforms : PC(Win)/iPad
Genre : RTS(Real-Time Strategy) : Irrlicht
Release : 2013, Rating : Everyone
Tri-Korean Empires is the RTS Game about Korean history. The Game’s story is the real history about three kingdoms of Korea, Goguryeo, Beakje, and Silla.


This game contains many unique and interesting things like these…
– Huge scale and detailed world map among 125 cities
– 1,000 vs 1,000 massive scale RTS Battle on mobile device
– very easy one touch control tactics system for mobile interface
– expression over 1,000,000 armies on battle field not just NUMBER but real MEN
– the kings meeting and award
– servant characters to secret mission control in different places simultaneously
– two different diplomatic parties in every kingdoms
– the unique evolutional systems like supply line, actions in battlefield, sudden attack, tents of army, letter messenger, and etc…

The game’s goal is very simple.
Be a King of 4C AD, and set the highest record of king’s achievement points until time limit ends or capture all cities of game world!


Gamescom2013_WorldmapGameplay_TriKoreanEmpires(GuarneriGameStudio Youtube)



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